For a cool start and efficient operations

To ensure the successful start-up and efficient operation of your new installation, we recommend having a KKT chillers technician or one of our partner service companies commission it on site.

The advantages of commissioning by KKT chillers technicians 

Experienced and qualified service technicians trained and/or certified by KKT chillers inspect the local conditions according to a clearly defined checklist. If necessary, preset parameters are readjusted to match the actual conditions at the installation site. This optimization and the testing of the load performance guarantee safe operations from the outset, because the system can function smoothly only if all chiller components work together perfectly and are adjusted to the specific conditions. The service technician is also available to answer questions so that your team will be able to operate the chiller without any issues in the future.

 The advantages at a glance:

  • The professional commissioning of your installation is handled by experienced and highly qualified service technicians.
  • Optimum facility configuration thanks to on-site adjustments.
  • Your facility operates safely from the outset.
  • Advice on settings, maintenance, etc. for efficient and trouble-free operation.

What is the commissioning procedure?

Prior to the commissioning, the chiller must be installed and connected with counter load . The first thing the service technician checks is the chiller’s installation site and the external conditions. A checklist is used to go over various points relevant to proper operation, from chiller set-up to power supply. 

Then, the chiller is switched on. The technician now checks with counter load  whether the chiller is functioning properly. This includes a leak test and inspecting connections as well as, if required, filling the chiller with water or other facility-specific liquids. 

The technician also makes small changes and adjustments during commissioning if there is a need for optimization. This is particularly important because the location has a major impact on the chiller’s efficiency and not all details can be taken into account during configuration ex works.

After successful commissioning, the technician hands over the test book for refrigeration systems to the customer and, upon request, gives a brief instruction on operating the chiller. 

Commissioning a chiller takes about one day. Depending on the chiller’s geographical location, we recommend making an appointment with sufficient lead time (minimum: 5 workdays) so that the on-site appointment can be organized and planned.

Depending on the requirements regarding the scope of services, one of the three ChillStart  packages can be selected.

For more details on these packages, please refer to the chart below. Our video gives you a short overview of the standard commissioning procedure.


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