Register chiller and take advantage of service benefits

To register a (new or existing) cooling system directly with KKT chillers, simply complete the form below. Information on your cooling system and location will then be filed in our system. Registration has many benefits that you would otherwise miss.

It starts with the information supply:

When registering your product, you will receive background information on updates, system optimizations, legal developments (e.g. legal requirements for leak tests of the refrigeration circuit) and expert tips about your chiller.

In the event of a defect, spare parts for your chiller can be defined and sent in the shortest possible time to ensure rapid troubleshooting. 

Another advantage: When we at KKT chillers know where in the world our cooling systems are located, we can adapt our global service network accordingly and ensure that we have our own technicians or service partners close by. 


  • Assurance of service availability on site
  • Targeted compilation of spare parts packages (ChillParts)
  • Automated maintenance reminders
  • Frequent updates and expert tips
  • Quick troubleshooting in case of a malfunction
  • Legal compliance

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