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In a fast-moving, dynamic world with constantly changing requirements, adaptation and optimization are essential. We at KKT chillers always work on new components and software settings as well to improve our products and make them more efficient and durable. 

You can benefit from these developments at any time, even if your refrigeration system is already in operation. Simply take advantage of our offer to optimize your system according to the latest developments and make it more efficient and reliable. A facility optimization is also recommended if the location or other external influences of your facility have changed. 

Facility optimization for cost savings
A large number of the chillers installed and in operation can be optimized by our service technicians using the latest technology to increase their efficiency and minimize costs. Pumps, for instance, are constantly being revised and should be regularly replaced with newer models even if they are not in need of repairs. In certain cases, these replacements may be eligible for government subsidies. The settings and control characteristics of the system should regularly be checked and readjusted. These optimization measures can lead to cost savings and reduce the number of system failures.

 Contact us and we will be happy to advise you. Our tip: Register your product in advance to automatically receive news about possible optimizations of your system. 


  • Opening up a significant energy savings potential
  • Reduction in facility downtimes thanks to improved operating conditions 
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